QSS Artists @ Irish Wave 2016

Multi-media collaborative Irish-Chinese contemporary art exhibitions to be held as part of IRISH WAVE 2016: BIRTH OF A NATION during the Irish Festival in China, March 2016

QSS Artists Gail Ritchie, Jennifer Trouton, Ashley Holmes, David Turner, Sara Fox, Sean Campbell, Dorothy Hunter take part in the 2016 Irish Wave.

A series of contemporary art exhibitions and events will focus on themes of nationhood and cultural identity as part of Irish Wave’s mission to promote multicultural artistic exchanges. The starting point is the Easter Rising which took place in Dublin in 1916.  Speaking in her role as co-curator of the project, Northern Irish artist Gail Ritchie said:

“This project is unique as it looks at the Irish Rebellion through many varied perspectives and sets it within the context of the First World War. This is an important approach as it allows artists from across the globe to respond to these important events” 

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12 March – 9 April 2016
Birth of a Nation, at NING SPACE opens: 5.30-8pm on 15 March at 2 Jiu Xian Qiao Road, 706 N 1 Street A05, 798 Art District, Beijing.
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10am – 6pm.
‘STRUGGLE’ – Sanwei Art Center . Opens 6-8pm 19 March at 68 Xinqiao Road, Shanghai:
Opening hours Tues-Sun 10am – 6pm.


Mar 12 2016 - Apr 09 2016



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