Ian Cumberland exhibiting at the JD Malet Gallery

QSS artist Ian Cumberland is currently exhibiting in The Contemporary Human Condition, a group exhibition which presents the best of JD Malat Gallery’s international artists who engage with the theme of contemporary life. This show attempts to underline the importance of international dialogue focussing in particular on the artistic response to changing global conditions, political events and the impact of contemporary life on the individual.

In the exhibition press release it notes that: ‘….the effects of the relationship between the individual and the urban environment are explored through the work of British realist painter Darren Reid as well as Irish figurative artist Ian Cumberland. Their focus on isolation brings forth an assessment of the psychological state of loneliness; a condition touched upon in the dreamlike paintings of Henrik Uldalen. Together, these artists reveal how this series of figurative work can present a more contemplative look at one’s surroundings


Feb 19 2020 - Mar 28 2020


JD Malat Gallery
30 Davies Street, Mayfair, London W1K 4NB

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