Dorothy Hunter in group exhibition at the Golden Thread Gallery

Dissolving Histories: A Moment in Time takes five artists whose diverse practices seek to capture, explore and explain moments. The nature of time is unsubstantial; a moment, a second, a minute, an hour are all something or nothing depending on the context.

Liam Crichton, Erin Hagan, QSS artist Dorothy Hunter, Kevin Killen and John Rainey have each produced works that speak to a certain moment as well as contributing to a collective voice. Curators Peter Richards and Sarah McAvera placed them together as there is a commonality in how their works allow a multitude of readings and encourage alternative explanations. Sculpture, installation, neon and video are all used to capture not just moments of the past, but the moment of looking.

Dissolving Histories: A Moment in Time continues at the Golden Thread Gallery until 20th January 2018.


Nov 30 2017 - Jan 20 2018


Golden Thread Gallery

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