Diagrams Satellite Show: FUGUE

Ulster University

Diagrams Satellite Show: Fugue

Niamh McDonnell guest curates Fugue, by Craig Donald at the Ulster University Belfast. This show continues Craig’s work displayed in the Diagrams exhibition currently on at QSS until November 14th. Two wall installations are displayed simultaneously in separate city locations to create a counterpoint between different articulations of the diagram that play with compositional arrangements of visual elements. Fugue invites us to engage with these visual elements as found objects that are displaced from their context and inscribed in a state of provisional arrangement within diagrams. This recalls the Latin fuga (an escape): we are led to attempt a recapture by viewing the inscriptions on different scales of detail and on apprehending the contexts for reading them.



Oct 22 2015 - Nov 21 2015


Ulster University Art Gallery

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