The Salt House | Sharon Kelly Short Doc by Éanna Mac Cana

The Salt House | Sharon Kelly Short Doc by Éanna Mac Cana

Beautiful and insightful introduction to a new body of work (of the same name) by QSS artist (and Éanna’s mother) Sharon Kelly. Work featured in the film is currently on show in the Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast and continues until 22nd February, 2020.

Small square black & white photographs taken by the artist’s mother or father in the early 1960’s, became the catalyst for pondering the past. Salt House appears in one photograph, as an indistinct grey shape in the far background. The resonance of salt in the process of preservation is not lost on the artist. Using the process of contouring a form revealing a ‘negative space’, what is invisible can be made visible. The form of the salt House suspended within an imaginary world. The large works are created in charcoal on translucent paper – a problematic surface to receive the charcoal since it easily slides off its surface and can slightly mute marks. Also challenging is the task of retaining the inner spaces void of marks or charcoal dust.

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