Sinead McKeever

Sinead McKeever is based at QSS Studios and Gallery Belfast.She received a distinction in her Masters of Fine Art from University of Ulster at Belfast in 2008. McKeever’s installations address hybridity, as pigment, both paint spatial occupation and application.Her developing practice engages with different modes of perception, the questioning of hierarchical systems of measuring, knowledge and history are interpreted through drawing, painting and sculpture in the expanded field.

McKeever’s practice is process lead; through experimentation and rigorous editing she explores the possibilities of found industrial and domestic materials. Ockhams’s Razor, the principle of parsimony (“Plurality should not be posited without necessity”) informs her way of thinking. She integrates the fluxus idea of the simple gesture as part of the process of creating. Minimalist sensibilities are reinterpreted and a more organic, ornamental response is incorporated.

Artworks are created in situ, psychological tensions are introduced to heighten the senses. By engaging directly with the physical space, both ocular and haptic vie for control. In an ongoing exploration of spatial occupation and application, layers of histories are at once revealed and concealed, these actions reinforce the delicacy and ephemeral nature of the work. The questioning of hierarchical systems of measuring and knowledge are filtered and constructed. Fragmented beginnings and endings are volunteered so that perception and interpretation are open ended. Diagrams, solutions, text and visual notes suggest possible communication that evolve and change. Concepts of educational processes are implied and types of knowledge are responded to in a quotidian manner. Revelation and concealment interrupt these interfaces.

Instagram: @mckeever.sinead