Gerard Carson

Gerard Carson’s practice is concerned with the contingency of matter in the context of accelerated modes of technological production, ecological breakdown, and the indeterminate vectors of their effects/affects. By working via a speculative methodology, Carson’s works take the form of precarious assemblages comprised of bio-plastics and concrete, where computer modelling and 3D printers act as techno-symbiotic agents in the assemblage’s manifestation.

He has exhibited throughout Ireland, UK, and China. He has also been a recipient of the Frank Bowling Scholarship Award, which supported his MA Fine Art studies at the Chelsea College of Art. Carson is also a graduate of the Ulster University School of Art & Design. He has acted as a mentor to recent graduates from the Chelsea College of Art and has curated a number of exhibitions at ACAVA Maxilla Studios & Space. Carson is a former co-director with Platform Arts Gallery & Studios.

Exhibitions: Submersible Extractions, Goolith, Inhabited Space.


Instagram: @gerard_carson87


EPSON scanner image