Dan Ferguson

Figurative and representational artist based in Belfast and Holywood, Northern Ireland. Award winning bodies of work, portraits of significant acclaim, and commissions undertaken on application.

I undertake many commissions and portraits, and in my own personal work I have spent a lot of time exploring the mechanics of memory. From that I started looking at the notion of perception, and ‘fused horizons’, (how we all affect each other with our experiences and observations). These memories can be mine, or belong to others, and they seem to be channelled into a colour scheme that tries to displace the conventional sepia of nostalgia, and instead evoke a spectrum exploding timelessness. These are stoic, political, romantic, playful, and terrifying experiences, but they don’t tend to address an issue head on. There is often a difficult narrative that can obfuscate, mislead, and deny a reading, as much as it can invite one.

Website: danferguson.co.uk

Instagram: @danfergusonart

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