Catherine Davison

My work is primarily about freedom, expressed through the medium of paint. My aim is to create a sensory experience through visual hyperbole. I use bright colours and rhythmic patterns to stir up the senses and draw attention to the vitality of nature.

My images begin with pencil drawings, sourced from photographs and plein air sketches. I work on a large scale allowing freedom for expansive gestures and experimentation in the application of paint.

The paintings take form as layers are built up. Like an organism under a microscope, the image contracts and detracts until a new organic world is formed. Through this exploration of beauty I hope to share a heightened and exaggerated reality that encourages a deeper reflection of life and the child like wonder we first engaged it with.

By focusing on the beauty and wonder experienced when viewing a landscape for example – my work seeks to engage with the positive emotional responses we have when connecting to the natural world around us.

Articles: Largo das Artes – Artist residency in Brazil, Review of Kaleidoscope of Colour exhibition


Instagram: @catherinedavisonartist