Alacoque Davey

Alacoque Davey was born in Newry, studied Fine Art at Liverpool John Moores University (BA Hons 1990-1995) and returned to Ireland to complete MA Applied Art at University of Ulster (1998-2000).

Since then she has lived and worked in Belfast joining Queen Street Studios in 2003 where she is currently a studio and Board member.

She has always worked across several disciplines producing both two and three dimensional work. The paintings, works on paper and assemblages often represent ‘rooms’ or ‘homes’, which can relate to actual architectural facades, plans and interiors or internal imagined spaces.

‘The central tenet of my work lies in the duality of absence and presence and the ambiguity of empty space. I use clay, paint, plaster, wire, wood and paper to produce imagery and objects which explore this space.

The works I produce as an artist are a response to the feelings and events I experience and my attempt to organise harmony and create some order out of dissonance; a space where only the essential remains and all other distraction quietened.’

Instagram: @alacoquedavey