Jennifer Trouton Honoured with Major Award From Arts Council Northern Ireland.

Jennifer Trouton Honoured with Major Award From Arts Council Northern Ireland.

QSS artist Jennifer Trouton is one of 5 acclaimed artists to have been awarded the Major Award from Arts Council of Northern Ireland.  This prestigious award is given in recognition of the contribution each of the artists has made to creative life in Northern Ireland, and makes it possible for them to undertake a substantial, ambitious project that will make a significant impact on the development of their artistic career.

Honoured alongside Jennifer are opera singer, Giselle Allen, composer, Greg Caffrey, poet and performer, Alice McCullough, and dance maker, Eileen McClory.

The Major Individual Awards (MIAs), worth £15,000 each is supported by Arts Council of Northern Ireland National Lottery funding and are the highest value honour bestowed on artists in Northern Ireland each year.

Jennifer Trouton, has exhibited nationally and internationally in London, New York, Cuba, China and Paris, and she will use her MIA award to create work that explores art and activism. As a feminist response to the scale historically associated with male dominated political art, Jennifer will create her largest painting to date, a 10ft x 5ft diptych that will be displayed as part of an exhibition at the Ulster Museum. To create the works, the artist will deploy a range of innovative methods including designing bespoke wallpaper and fabric utilising symbolic imagery; subverting the traditionally female craft of embroidery in order to convey social and political issues. The new artworks will also feature in a forthcoming publication edited by Dr Mark Benson.

Congratulation Jennifer.