The Ulster University Art Gallery at the Belfast School of Art and QSS presents ‘In-Stream’. This thematic group exhibition held simultaneously in two venues across the city showcases a diverse selection of contemporary artists practicing within the expanded field of painting. This Murmuration of artists has been selected through QSS open submission process. Exhibiting artists include Majella Clancy, David Fox, Andrew Glenn, Anthony Kelly, Julie Lovett, Kevin Miller and Joan Stack

This thematic group exhibition is concerned with challenging expectations regarding painting and highlighting the many multi-faceted studio practices and methodologies contemporary artists explore, in pushing at the boundaries of pictorial representation, sequencing, site-specificity, materiality and the notion of the painting as a medium specific practice.

In an essay accompanying the exhibition, Geraldine Boyle observes: “To view the exhibition in its entirety therefore requires an enforced break or a jump cut in time. Painting as an idea has been described in similar terms: that in its “communicative and temporal contingencies, [it] always possess a delay, a gap between its implicit and actual address”. A disruption in viewing leaves the exhibition running in the background of thought until completion, during which time the contemplative space of the gallery has been exchanged for the mutable public environment of the city centre”.

The temporal disruption between Studio – Gallery – City – Gallery is not necessarily bound to or determined by circular closure of both exhibition spaces.

Photography by Jordan Hutchings

Anthony Kelly and his long-term collaborator David Stalling will present an improvised sound performance using self-made electronic instruments as a part of the Ulster University Festival of Art and Design on Thursday the 10th of March 12 – 1pm at the Glass Box at the Ulster University Belfast Campus. For more details, visit

Opening Reception at QSS: Thursday, March 10, 6-8 pm

Belfast School of Art
York Street, Belfast BT15 1ED

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Mar 07 2016 - Apr 02 2016


QSS Bedford street

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Ulster University Art Gallery

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