Critical Military Studies Journal with Gail Ritchie

Critical Military Studies Journal with Gail Ritchie

‘Looking for Frank’ – A Photo Essay by Gail Ritchie

About the Journal:

Critical Military Studies (CMS) is an interdisciplinary sub-field which intersects with political science, international relations, sociology, anthropology, human geography, media and cultural studies, gender and sexuality studies, and science and technology studies, among others.

Critical Military Studies includes scholarly work by academics, activists and artists, who seek to question military processes and institutions. The field has a particular focus on the concepts of militarism and militarization, although with the understanding that these concepts themselves are not fixed and are open to interrogation. CMS turns a critical lens onto military practices and institutions through which nothing about the military is taken-for-granted.’

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Ancestral memories. Digital collage, 15 x 20 cm, 2012. Left panel: Frank Ritchie; right panel: Gail Ritchie.