Kate O’Neill

Kate O’Neill is a Belfast-based artist who explores spatial structures and attempts to reconfigure the boundaries and classification of space. Kate has exhibited in Belfast (Golden Thread Gallery, PS2, Catalyst Arts Gallery), Croatia (Pop-Up, Zagreb) and Poland (ISDT, Katowice).  Graduating from Belfast School of Art with a BA in Fine Art, specialising in Sculpture and Lens, Kate produces artworks through drawing, sculpture, and installation. Previously she studied traditional sculpture at the Academy of Fine Art in Zagreb, Croatia.

Our cities are patriarchy written in stone, brick, glass and concrete.

Jane Darke (1996)

Her multidisciplinary practice is influenced by architecture and feminist geography, examining society’s gender oppositions effect on behaviours, activities and experiences of a place.

By breaking down the inside/outside boundaries within a city’s visual landscape it becomes obscene. To be obscene is to be beyond human control and categorisation. By deconstructing the city, Kate hopes to defy the patriarchy’s classification of the ‘masculine city’.

Kate O’Neill