Gerard Carson

Gerard Carson

Gerard Carson’s practice is concerned with the contingency of matter in the context of accelerated modes of technological production, ecological breakdown, and the indeterminate vectors of their effects/affects. By working via a speculative methodology, Carson’s works take the form of precarious assemblages comprised of bio-plastics and concrete, where computer modelling and 3D printers act as techno-symbiotic agents in the assemblage’s manifestation.

He has exhibited throughout Ireland, UK, and China. He has also been a recipient of the Frank Bowling Scholarship Award, which supported his MA Fine Art studies at the Chelsea College of Art. Carson is also a graduate of the Ulster University School of Art & Design. He has acted as a mentor to recent graduates from the Chelsea College of Art and has curated a number of exhibitions at ACAVA Maxilla Studios & Space. Carson is a former co-director with Platform Arts Gallery & Studios.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  •  Dredge, Ps Squared Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland (2023). 
  •  Huddled on Foggy Vectors, QSS Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland. (2022). 
  •  MURKTACKTISS, An Cultúrlann Dillon Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland. (2020). 

Selected Group Exhibitions

  •  Scraper, ALT-R, London, UK. (2023). 
  •  Gintlíocht, Ulster Folk Museum, Cultra, Northern Ireland. (2023). 
  •  Strange Attractor, Futur.Shock x Most Dismal Swamp, Fold LDN, London, UK (2022). 
  •  Quarry, Dovetail, Arch 47, London, UK. (2022) 

Curated Exhibitions/Events/Roles 

  • Zabludowicz Collection Masterclass 2021, London, UK (Participant). 
  • Spore; Psychedelic Laughter (curator), Platform Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland (2019). 
  • Vipunen (curator), Andrew Rickett, Platform Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland (2019) 
  • Platform Arts Gallery & Studios Co-Director, Belfast, Northern Ireland (2017-2019) 


  • Tokyo Art n’ Shelter Artist in Residence, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan (2020). 
  • Ps²/Primary Studios Exchange Programme (ESP), Belfast/Nottingham, UK & Northern Ireland (2019). 
  • Digital Arts Studios Home Residency, Belfast, Northern Ireland. (2019). 

Gerard Carson