David Turner

David Turner is a Belfast based artist who creates autobiographical work through toy mediums that reflect conflict, terrorism and evoke critical commentary on present day violence and war.

Growing up in turbulent Belfast during the 70’s and 80’s, Turner was surrounded by violence and conflict. These events have had a direct influence on his life and artwork, causing him to revisit his adolescence and recreate these memories with childhood mediums such as LEGO, Hama Beads and plasticine. Turner’s artwork presents a platform that is both a direct reflection of his childhood and the conflict he experienced as well as giving a voice to current atrocities, be they children of war, child soldiers or children who have lost their lives or a loved one to gun violence.

His work materialises in many forms. from two-dimensional depictions to fully functioning firearms which break down contentions of representation and offer new and exploratory directions for investigating themes of conflict, war, self and popular culture.

David Turner CV

Artist website: belfastarts.co.uk

Instagram: @belfast_arts