2018 / exhibition / members' show / year

INTRO at QSS Gallery introduced the artists of Norwich Union House (NUH), a satellite branch of QSS and Belfast’s newest studio collective.


In January 2018 the former British Council office spaces in NUH were cleared and cleaned for 15 new tenants selected by open application. The artist occupants collectively work across a range of disciplines including sculpture, painting and performance.


Included in this exhibition were works by Gerard CarsonHannah Clegg, Jessica Ellis, Wendy FergusonEimear FriersJoy GerrardAndrew HaireDavid HaugheyMeadhbh McIlgorm, Roisin Owens, Katherine Penney and Karine Talec.


Not exhibiting on this occasion were studio artists Hannah McBride, Catherine McLaughlin and Robert Moriarty.