Sharon Kelly Creative Residency Sport & Art, Dublin.

Sharon Kelly Creative Residency Sport & Art, Dublin.

Creative residency Sport & Art, Dublin 

Since January QSS artist Sharon Kelly has been involved in an exciting new project: Creative Residency in Sport & Art in Dublin, which will continue through til June.

Working with Women Boxers and their coaches in Corinthians Boxing Club, North Dublin. The last few months Sharon has been travelling down to meet members of the club, observe the training regime and to speak with coaches and boxers to gain insight into their sport and what it means to them.

Inspired by the commitment, focus, energy integrity of the boxers and coaches, Sharons intention is to respond creatively in a way that reflects this inclusively and collaboratively. Ideas are developing towards a site-specific installation in the boxing club itself. The project seeks parallels and connections between sport and art and our recent encounters have explored ways of documenting the ‘transference of energy’ –  akin to drawing, by inviting the boxers to dip their gloves in charcoal and paint and mark the effort of their punchbag routine onto a canvas, that has been strapped around their punchbag. We are all excited where this may lead!

The Creative Residency in Sport and Wellbeing is made by Dublin City Council Culture Company in partnership with the Dublin City Sports & Wellbeing Partnership.The Creative Residency programme creates partnerships to try out ideas, test new approaches, and add to the cultural story of the city. Made by Dublin City Council Culture Company, the Creative Residencies encourage makers and experts to pilot new partnerships with organisations. By bringing creative people and organisations together, and by connecting through culture and conversation, we will develop and share new ways of working.