Paddy McKeown – QSS Graduate Bursary Recipient 2019-20

“My work stems from a research-led practice exploring the transformation of folk-art traditions as transient mediums into plastic arts. The work transforms material which traditionally existed as fragments in history into something that is both durable and malleable. I work with sculpture, drawing, moving image and sound, seeking to explore contentions between the practices of music and visual art, exploring a liberation from being fixed to a certain medium and employing modes of execution through an interdisciplinary practice. I have an interest in sound and how it is something which traditionally existed in time and wasn’t durable, and how it can be turned into into something that exists in space like a sculpture and is durable as well as malleable, thus turning a transient medium into a plastic one – realised through materials such as metal, concrete, wood and found object.” Paddy McKeown


Instagram: @paddy_mckeown