Niamh Clarke, Hannah Clegg and Sharon McKeown exhibiting in ‘Thing;’ at Ards Arts Centre


(noun) assembly, meeting, thinking, being

QSS artists Niamh Clarke, Hannah Clegg and Sharon McKeown are exhibiting at Ards Art Centre throughout October, together with fellow members of The Drawing Journal collective (Tamzin Ashcroft, Daniel Coleman, Shauna McDonald and Doris Rohr). Each of these artists explore the fragile materiality of objects through drawing, and the ephemeral nature of memory, through text, line and shadow.

“We draw with objects, through text, and of things, matter and non-matter. Gathering individual approaches to drawing, the works exhibited here are collective and rely on each other’s input; they are responses to shared words, images and found things. 

The drawing process allows us to converse remotely and overcome distance. Negotiating communication through the inanimate, this act enlivens the significance of everyday objects and how memory resurrects the value of the forgotten. In phenomenology being is the material or immaterial existence of a thing.”

The Drawing Journal 2021




Oct 06 - 27 2021


Ards Art Centre

Annual Members Christmas Exhibition and Sale