Niamh Clarke, Hannah Clegg & Sharon McKeown – Quiet Wanders Laughing – The Hyde Bridge Gallery, Co. Sligo

QSS artists Niamh Clarke, Hannah Clegg and Sharon McKeown are taking part in Quiet Wanders Laughing at The Hyde Bridge Gallery, Co. Sligo

Dates: 05.08.23 – 26.08.23

Opening event: Saturday 5th August, 1pm

The Drawing Journal is a collective of seven artists who investigate the potential of drawing through collaborative projects: Tamzin Ashcroft, Niamh Clarke, Hannah Clegg, Daniel Coleman, Shauna McDonald, Sharon McKeown and Doris Rohr.The artists are inviting the public to share our responses and interpretations of selected poems by W. B. Yeats. This exhibition explores the relationship between text, image and drawing, and the possibility to translate one through the other. The intention is to find personal and contemporary dimensions in Yeats’ poetry, thereby relocating language through images. Metaphors dissolve in visual description, infusing writing with drawing.




Aug 05 - 26 2023

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