Endless Wander – Clement McAleer & Kevin Killen

Golden Thread gallery Left: Clement McAleer – Land Crossing I Right: Kevin Killen – Untitled

A never-ending journey, an infinite number of images. Limitless angles of light, colour, lines and patterns. There is no end-point, just the loop of new beginnings. Endless Wander is a two-person exhibition with Kevin Killen and Clement McAleer, curated by Sarah McAvera.

Kevin Killen’s neon sculptures are three-dimensional forms of light drawings made on night-time journeys using cameras to capture images of passing vehicles and the lights of the city. “I deconstruct the light drawings and then rebuild the transient lines/beams of lights into three dimensional light forms”.
The theme of movement is continued by Clement McAleer “Instead of a fixed view of landscape I like the idea that the images suggest a sense of movement , of passing through; a journey through open land with big spacious skies in changing light ,broken by glimpses of trees, buildings, markers and tracks.”

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Nov 05 - 28 2015


Golden Thread Gallery

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