Amanda Coogan – Project Atrium

The Ladder Is Always There

In Project Atrium: Amanda Coogan The Ladder Is Always There, QSS artist Amanda Coogan becomes partially enveloped by a large, sweeping piece of coloured fabric. As she stands in its centre the undulating material moves in irregular patterns as sections that gather and release in large part due to a concealed pulley system. Here, the dramatic movements recall scenic views of clouds or mountains.

Performing artists from Jacksonville will be invited to collaborate with Coogan throughout the duration of her time here. Coogan will perform in the Atrium Gallery at specific times from November 26th through 30th, culminating in a final performance during the opening reception on November 30th. In December, a video recording of the artist’s performances will be on view at MOCA Jacksonville, serving as a surrogate and ghost of the past events. This installation is inspired by a ballerina’s dress hand-painted by artist Marc Chagall – a piece belonging to the Museum’s permanent collection which will also be on view.


Nov 26 2018 - Feb 24 2019


MOCA Jacksonville
Jacksonville, Florida

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