063 A Better Place – Patrick Dillon

Opening Preview: 18:00 – 21:00 Thursday 7th August 2014

Press release:
2063 is a project designed to focus attention on the year 2063. At the moment it consists of political posters, wall drawings and spoken word.
The posters are for an election. Among others, Edoardo Bran is willing to represent us, now and in the future. He is standing on the FFF ticket. He promises honesty, jobs and fully integrated bio file formats.
The wall drawings are larger and less single-minded. There are maps of countries drawn on the wall and on them are stuck slogans, photos, furniture, dental records, extracts of novels…
“Live in the present ” we are told. “It’s where everything happens. It’s all we’ve got.”
“I think that so much of what we think of as the present is actually based in the future. Something that technically does not exist.”

About his work Patrick Dillon states:
“I find this fascinating. I want to make art that takes into account the fluid versatile nature of our perceptions, art that reflects more on territory and on the future.
And what better year to think of than 2063?  Some say that we will be ruled by robots. That through carelessness, we will allow this to happen. Others that the important part of our lives will be digital. Some people talk about the end of government. It’s all about the future. We live in it. Almost. But where is it? What is it made of? What’s going to happen?”

Patrick Dillon
Born 1956. Currently lives and works in Ireland.
Recent exhibitions:
Schwartz Gallery, Hackney Wick, London, England 2013
The Brick Lane Gallery, Brick Lane, London, England 2011
UrbExchange. Fringe Festival. Drogheda. Co.Louth 2010


Aug 07 - 28 2014


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